My Light Codes are the cheat codes to li



Worried you'll never find the COURAGE to show the world your gifts.


You can't bare to feel invisible, silenced and TAMED any longer.


You know your time is NOW, but you're feeling scared.

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Aware of your spiritual gifts but HIDE them away.

Feeling STUCK and disheartened with your personal development.

Feeling SCARED you'll never fulfill your soul's potential.

A good QUIET girl who desperately wants to feel wild. 

Ready to try a new way and clear your limitations.


I'm talking to you like a friend, how bad does it need to get for you before you start sharing those gifts of yours? Right now there are so many people desperately needing the support and gifts that you're keeping to yourself.

We both know you have a special something, a unique gift that you're keeping quiet out of fear of being seen or judgements from others.

I do totally get it though as I was stuck in the same situation myself for far too many years.

2020 changed everything. We need to be seen and out there in the world now,

the time IS now, and that's why your on this page.

It's really scary though, I know. I bet you have a sense of how amazing your life can be and you do really want to create it. It's just you've tried so many different ways before and yet none of them really delivered and you're still not quite there. 

I was exactly the same, until Light Language came into my life and I began using all the Energy Medicine tools I'd picked up over my life.

That's when things really took off and I became the version of myself I always knew was hiding deep inside.

A powerful, confident and brave women living a life full of abundance, connection and magic.

You can do it too.